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"My biggest takeaway from the entire Get on Board program is that individuals and community can change and impact policy."
Marquita CAmmon
Cohort 2 Participant

Get to know past cohort 2 participant, Marquita Common

I joined Get On Board Program because I wanted to learn more about civil service to our community that specialized in advocating for youth. The School Board seemed like the adequate space to get involved with our current education system at a local level while leveraging the insight and knowledge of community.

Get on Board has further enhanced my drive to get involved with understanding policies and representation for our community in education. From this deeper involvement I have learned about the separation of policy, management, and implementation in education. I have learned that transparency and accessibility is something that needs repair in education. I have also learned that community-led solutions and representation in office is mandatory for equitable change.

I think my biggest takeaways from the program were learning about funding and budgets for schools, understanding where policies are available for the public to review, as well as the emerging diversity of School Board members in our State.

I think some of the main barriers others may face or need to explore when running for school board are true intentions and impact. The School Board is an official seat at the political table and although politics plays a role in serving it doesn’t or shouldn’t be the main focus of School Board members. The true purpose for running should be established early on and leveraged against impact on and for the community.

I think all individuals that make up the community would benefit from the program even if they don’t want to run for office. This program has not only given me a deeper understanding of the local education system but also gave me a direct connection to future and past School Board members.

Our school systems are struggling, and we see the impact of this directly on our youth, communities, and overall, in society. The education system has been upholding practices that aren’t creating substantial benefits and opportunities but are creating ecosystemic risks. These risks and the disconnect further enhances a deficit of skills, advancement, and upward mobility. I would like to see a more ecosystems approach to schools and education with community-led solutions. 

I currently am actively engaged with the School Board in my city and supporting some of previous program participants who are running in the next election. In the future I have intentions to run for School Board or run a campaign for an amazing candidate.

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"Get on Board is a great opportunity to learn, meet, and gain support as you step into the arena."
Sharon El-Amin
Minneapolis Board Chair

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